Solar Thermal Solutions

Solar thermal solutions can provide most homes with enough hot water throughout the spring & summer months of each year, typically reducing your household running costs.

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    Solar thermal solutions for your home or outbuildings.

    Solar thermal solutions for residential home owners will improve your homes energy rating and reduce your carbon emissions as a household in general.

    Our team of highly skilled RECC, NAPIT, MCS, certified installers are available to discuss using renewable energy solutions for your homes hot water requirements.

    Solar thermal solutions can help with heating indoor or outdoor swimming pools and household hot water.

    Help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions when you have solar thermal solutions installed by our certified installers.

    Key reasons to use Ashwood

    Solar thermal solutions help not only reduce greenhouse gasses but can also significantly reduce your utility bills all year round. Certified and approved by MCS, NAPIT and RECC. You can rest assured and enjoy the quality workmanship of Ashwood solar installation services.

    • Various types of Solar Thermal Solutions installed to date.
    • Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified.
    • Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) member.
    • Providing all materials, labour, equipment and services.
    • Glow warm and Vaillant certified installer.
    • Ensuring a clean, safe and secure project site.
    • Over 9 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry sector.

    Further Information

    Ashwood Ashwood Solar & Renewable Energy Brochure

    Download the Ashwood Solar & Renewable Energy services brochure to learn more and see our accreditation’s.

    Solar Thermal Options

    Evacuated tube systems

    Solar thermal solutions that use utilise radiation from the sun and heat up residential water supplies, providing useful heat typically at temperatures up to 65°C. A solar thermal system will consist of a flow and return water glycol circuit, solar collectors, coil in your hot water cylinder, expansion vessel and pipes. The Collectors on an average system would normally only be 2 in number can be either flat panel in or on roof system or on a A frame on flat roofs. Or evacuated glass tube systems on roof

    Solar thermal systems are capable of producing around 65% or more of a typical domestic household’s demand for hot water during a year. Solar thermal system collectors are typically working at temperatures between 100°C and 200°C. These systems even work in the Winter months as long as the sun is shining the system will preheat the lower part of the cylinder, thus reducing the work the Heat pump has to do or even your boiler if you have a gas boiler as solar thermal works with all types of Heating systems as it is a standalone system.

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    For your FREE, no obligation quotation, please get in touch and one of our friendly team will respond promptly.