Looking to make better use of a space in your home or office that simply is just not being used to its full potential? can fully manage any full or part conversion.

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    Convert your garage, shed, home office, loft or outbuilding

    Converting any one of your loft, garage, outbuilding or home office spaces into a more practical space for your family’s growing needs can be a daunting task, Ashwood team are highly skilled and well adverse to handling everything including consultation and any required applications for planning or permissions through to certificates for change of use for example.

    Key reasons to use Ashwood

    Converting a space requires both the correct company to provide the highest quality finish, but more importantly, one that will also provide all the correct paperwork and deliver to the demanding building regulation levels demanded of today’s building companies. Ashwood provide all of this in one easy solution, so you don’t have to worry.

    • Numerous conversions completed to date.
    • Federation of Master Builders registered.
    • Providing all materials, labour, equipment and services.
    • Carefully selected subcontractors if needed, most are 15+ years relationship.
    • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits.
    • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
    • Maintaining accurate records.
    • Ensuring a clean, safe and secure project site.
    • Over 15 years of experience in the building and construction trades.

    Further Information

    Ashwood Building and Construction Company Brochure

    Download the Ashwood Building, Construction & Renewable energy services brochure to learn more and see our accreditation’s.

    Conversion Options

    Garage conversion

    The Garage conversion is becoming very popular, just a door way away from your new office, study or gym. The process can be quite straightforward and cost effective.

    Garage conversions provide a fantastic and lower cost alternative to a full extension to accommodate a new spare room or home office. This space can be utilised very easily with the right team and paperwork to a more usable space to accommodate your growing family needs.

    Shed conversion

    External brick or timber sheds can be converted to a space more home friendly, maybe as a utility room or even a games room for your home, maybe your looking to make the workshop space you have dreamed of a reality, with Ashwood we can make this happen.

    Home office conversion

    Home offices are great but when you outgrow your office and move to rented offices, you will want to convert your old home office space to something more usable. This may include a utility room or even converted into a spare room, how about an annex to bring your family all together, whatever your requirements are, our team can consult and provide a fully converted space to your specific needs.

    Loft conversion

    Our loft extensions are also popular way of getting the extra room you need without having to move. We project mange the whole job for you and leave you with that ideal office space, bedroom with en-suite or maybe it’s just your space for that quiet time. Maybe you want that Dormer to look out from or just some roof windows fitted.

    Loft conversions provide a very cost-effective way to provide you living space with that new spare room for guests with or without an en-suite or to become the new home office for your enterprising business venture you have been yearning for the past few years.

    Outbuilding conversion

    Outbuilding conversions are made simple when re-utilising any extra space. Our team at Ashwood can assist with everything from the paperwork through to the full construction and planning. Our friendly family run team are here to help.

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    For your FREE, no obligation quotation, please get in touch and one of our friendly team will respond promptly.