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Frequently Received Questions

Ashwood Building & Construction are constantly asked questions which are easily answered and no question is ever a silly one, better to ask than assume so we have put a few together along with the answers.

Do you give free estimates and advice?

Yes we do. We find by meeting the client at the job site we can get a feel for the job and explain any problems if any with clients ideas, and give some advice as to the best way to achieve the end result.

When I accept your estimate will I have to pay any money up front?

No we don’t believe any client should have to pay a builder up front. We work out a staged payment system were you pay as the work progresses.

What happens if we change our mind part way through the job and want to add or take something out of the estimate?


This is not a problem after all you can’t be expected to think of every thing at the very beginning of the job. Hopefully if we did our bit at the beginning we won’t have too many of these. Some times a room will be bigger or smaller than you envisaged so it will give you options. What we do is raise a variation form which we both sign this will tells us what the change is and what costs if any will be.

Can you provide drawings and structural calculations or should we get these done?

This is up to you. We can provide this service or part off. We will also work with your drawings. Normally the drawings have been done before we are involved.

I have seen on the TV that we should get ourselves a project manager is this true?

On a self-build it may be required, but for most projects this is not required we will manage the job from scheduling labour and materials from start to finish.

We both work all day how does this effect access and what if we have a question when we get home?

As for access normally we have arranged with the client for a key or someone to be present to allow us access. Any questions you may have can be easily answered either by phone, on paper or a site meeting at a time to be decided by both parties.

Who arranges for inspections and getting the required certificates through out the project and at the end?


We will do all this for you it is all part off our service.

Can we supply the materials and fittings and you just supply labour?

Yes this is not a problem as long as you supply everything agreed at the beginning and it is up to standard but this will be explained to you so not to worry. This is not always the best route for every one as it can be time consuming and you may not get the same volume rate we get through our trade accounts, which we are able to pass on to you as our client.

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